Monday, 22 July 2013

Join in the fun with Crochet Camp!

I found out about crochet camp through a link shared on Facebook and  I immediately loved the idea.  I had to join in the fun.  The Camp is organised by the very talented Kat Goldin and I must say that her blog slugsontherefrigerator is as informative as beautiful.  The photography is stunning and the tutorial clear and concise which I think is paramount in order not to overwhelm newcomers to crochet. 
The camp is an opportunity to practice and fine-tune your crochet skills through cute projects and give you the opportunity to share your work or any issues you encounter with fellow campers.  
I really enjoyed the first project which is a sweet cherry pot holder.  It took me couple of hours to complete and gave me an opportunity to practice joining up piece which is something I am not too confident about yet.
All in all, a great experience and I am looking forward to tackling the next project. 

First project done!
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